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Corelle Livingware dinnerware is our everyday range that is designed to fit the way you live. Functional, stylish and always ready for a dinner party, Livingware dishes epitomize the definition of versatility and are designed to fit any home. It’s the all-in-one dinnerware that can go from family supper to formal dinner party – without having to change first! Our Livingware collection is created using a hub lamination process, which creates a break- and chip-resistant glass. The result is a lightweight, yet incredibly strong glass that is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Its durability is unmatched and it comes with a 1-year limited break and chip warranty for your complete assurance


Corelle Impressions  dinnerware has patterns that have been picked from the most enduring trends in home décor. The Impressions line embodies both timeless tradition and updated trends, with traditional designs incorporating flowers, fruits and nature, this line is perfect for those who appreciate the simple things in life. If you have a country kitchen motif or an artistic eye, you will adore this lovely dinnerware. The fresh new styles are inspired by current fashion designs and will quickly add elegance to your dining experience. The sophisticated pattern assortment and classic looks will compliment your décor and enhance every table setting.


Corelle Vive is our new line of glass dinnerware with designs that are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home décor. These fresh, bold patterns on wide rim plates bring a modern, updated look to your table setting. Express your personal style with Vive dinnerware designs that are  smart and savvy to take what you dish out and still impress your most scrutinizing dinner guest. In today's fast paced world, with your on-the-go lifestyle, you need dinnerware that you can trust to stand up to the rigors of daily life and still look good. With patterns on the cutting edge of fashion for today's trend setting consumer, you are certain to find one that suites your home décor


Introducing the newest innovation from for the Corelle brand, Square Round is beautiful and stylish as it is functional! Designed by Studio Levien of London, one of Europe’s leading design firms, Corelle Square dinnerware features sleek, squared shapes with rounded corners and flared rims which fuse seamlessly with the traditional rounded centers. The result is a totally fresh, yet timeless look—versatile enough for every day dining as well as for entertaining. The circular impression in the center of the plate makes it easy to serve up dinner, while allowing your guests to enjoy the fashion-forward design. Whether you’re heating up leftovers or are making a risotto from scratch, everything looks great on a set of Corelle square dishes. . “Bringing design innovation to one of the world’s most unique materials was exciting and I’m pleased with the results which I believe will establish a new contemporary classic design for the Corelle brand with global, timeless appeal.” - Robin Levien


A completely new range of dinnerware that has been designed and carefully put together in Malaysia. The designs are fresh and modern for entertaining, but still meet the Corelle durability standards for everyday use. The Deluxe Series patterns are available in the LivingWare Round shape and also in the new Square Round, which can be mixed matched together. Patterns are hand applied in Malaysia and bowls and plates are pattern as opposed to being lines form the US. Made in the US and designed and patterned applied by hand in Malaysia.


The Gold Premier Series just takes the step up from the Deluxe Series; the range is patterned not only on the inside but, also the outside of the bowls too. The design work is more intricate and finished product gives the range a real exclusive feel. The plates and bowls are all finished with a Gold back stamp. . Made in the US and designed and patterned applied by hand in Malaysia.

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