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    • Corelle is perfect for any home and kitchen. Resistant to chips and breaks, and safe for use in ovens, dishwashers and microwaves. Cooking has never been so easy with Corelle!
    • Try all your favourite recipes served on dinnerware that only adds to the wonderful flavours and colours of the meals you have prepared. See what difference Corelle can make to your meal time with its easy to use, easy to clean and elegant designs all available right here at World Kitchen.
    • Choose from a range of bakeware, dinnerware and Corelle pieces that are created with a range of beautiful designs. Take a look at the many different designs such as Apricot Grove, Pretty Pink and Nordic Blu. If you are looking for something bright, bold and stand-out or you prefer dinnerware that is elegant and classic, you will find it all with Corelle.
    • Browse the range today and decide which style and shape is right for you.
Other uses for Corelle
As well being ideal for everyday household use, Corelle is a great tableware range for other uses such as caravans and motorhomes, outdoor dining and picnics, carehomes, schools, universities and community centers.

In contrast to melamine dinner sets, a Corelle dinner set is ideal for caravans and motorhome owners as it’s chip and break resistant, yet thin and lightweight and is suitable for the microwave, oven and does not scratch or stain like melamine dinnerware sets.

In the UK we love picnics, use a corelle dinner plate set and even picnics can be more indulgent – you no longer have to settle for plastic looking melamine picnic plates.

For Care homes, Schools, Universities and community centers in the UK who may use melamine plates set, Corelle is the ideal alternative due to a combination of durability, versatility and the fact that it is more presentable on any dinner table.